Toontown Multicontroller v1.2.1

Download Installer for Windows (recommended, updates automatically)

Download Standalone for Windows

Changelog - Source code on GitHub

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Download and install

Use the links above to download and install the program. If it doesn't automatically open, you can find it in your Start menu.

Look for this window when you open the program:

Main Window

Select the Toontown windows

Drag the left and right crosshairs to the corresponding left and right Toontown windows. You should see a green border around the selected window once you stop dragging the cursor.


All controls are customizable in the Options. If you have changed your key bindings in Toontown, make sure to change the multicontroller's key bindings to match in the Options.

Use WASD Keys to move around and Shift Key to jump on the left toon.

Use Arrow Keys to move around and Control Key to jump on the right toon.

Press Delete Key to throw pies, evidence, etc. on both toons.


Press `~ Key to switch modes. The two modes are:

You can change the mode switch key in the Options.

Quick activate

You can click on one of the Toontown windows to chat, open your book, etc., and then press `~ Key to activate the Multicontroller again.

Window groups

Window groups window

You can control more than 2 toons by clicking the Window Groups button and adding more groups.

In multi-mode, switch between groups using the number keys the number keys.

You can have up to 10 groups of toons.


All options are accessible by clicking the Options button.

Key bindings

Options window

You can add custom key bindings for checking gags or other things.

Make sure to change the Toontown Keys to match your custom bindings in Toontown.


The key used to switch modes and activate the multicontroller can be changed.

Hotkey options


The multicontroller has a built-in keep alive function. This can be disabled in the options.

By default, it will press the Home key periodically. This key can also be changed.

Keep-alive options

Compact interface

The size of the window can be reduced to take up less space on the screen.

Main Window Compact


v1.2.1 - released 2019/05/02

v1.2 - released 2019/04/28

v1.1.0.3 - released 2019/04/12

v1.1.0.2 - released 2019/04/11

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